In commemoration of Prof. Dayu Zhang, the pioneer of the Chinese catalysis science and the founder of DICP, ‘Zhang Dayu Lectureship’ was founded in 2006, the centennial year of Prof. Zhang. The purpose of this lectureship is to recall Prof. Zhang’s greatest virtue, rigorous scholarship, and his tremendous contribution to Chinese chemistry and chemical engineering, as well as the development of DICP. Zhang Dayu Lectureship is the most prestigious lectureship at DICP, which honors to internationally or nationally outstanding scientists and scholars with high academic reputation. The lecturers will be granted as honorary professors of DICP.
To create harmonious academic atmosphere with democracy and freedom; to inspire scientists to dedicate themselves to research; to expand scientific horizons; to enhance research and innovative capacity of the institute; to promote academic communication and cooperation home and abroad.

The lecturers should be internationally or domestically well-known scientists in related fields.

The lectures are supposed to have high academic level, and the theme of the topic should have close relationship with the current conducting research fields of the institute.

The Assessment Committee of Zhang Dayu Lectureship is accrediting and validating agency. The applicants or the application groups are supposed to submit the application documents to the committee via the Science & Technology Department of DICP at least three months in advance. The applications are evaluated initially by the committee and decided finally by the director of the DICP. The Science & Technology Department of DICP is responsible for the management of the entire application and assessment procedure.

The lectures should be held no more than four times each year (two foreign scientists and two domestic scientists).

The lecturers will be awarded “Zhang Dayu Lectureship” certificates by the director of DICP and granted as honorary professors of DICP.

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